Monday, December 26, 2011

Why I curse Apple twenty times a day .... and have been on Macs since 1986

Dead hard drive last night.

Apple store early afternoon.

Because I'd had work done less than 90 days ago,  the nice guy there was able to roll in the needed hard drive replacement (rolling in means "we'd've fixed it as part of the flat fee if it had been broken, so since it was almost broken, we'll pretend it was and you already paid for it").

And because I've been using Time Machine scrupulously, everything was there on the backup drive.

Total effect, zero dollars of expenditure, and an effective clean up and defragmenting of my hard drive.  Less than one day lost from work.

And besides, I curse at all machinery, constantly.  I will be among the first to be stood up against the wall and edited by our robot overlords as soon as they are developed, and my last words will be, "But I didn't mean it about Apple or Subaru!"