Thursday, December 15, 2011

God Rest Ye Merry Merchants, May Ye Make the Yuletide Pay ...

“Christmas affords us all an occasion, each year, to reflect on what we most seriously, truly, and deeply believe in.  I refer of course to money.”  -- Tom Lehrer

A reminder to procrastinating holiday shoppers:

I ship collectibles (signed/personalized 1st editions) Priority Mail,which runs a bit slow this time of year (5 business days or so within the US). Those of you who have not gotten orders in at my ebay backlist store and are hoping to get them and wrap them for Christmas should put in your order at the backlist store by  Saturday afternoon at latest.  If you want a personalization – “To Binky, with happy thoughts about gophers” or whatever – you can save a bit of time by telling me that in the note with your order (if you don't say you do, I always send an email to see if you do, and then wait till the next day to ship to give you time to respond). 

This moment of dabbling in grubby trade brought to you by Scrooge, Marley, Grinch, and Mammon; see us for all your holiday exploitation needs.  Widows chucked into the snow at reasonable rates; ask about our bulk specials on orphans!   

Back to ideas and stuff real soon.