Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A post elsewhere, in which I say some Banned Books Week things

Over at Renegade Word, which is run by the extremely smart and interesting Julie Rodriguez, you can find a piece by me on censorship and bullying

Full disclosure: Julie is my stepdaughter, which just goes to show you that even being smart and interesting cannot protect you from the vagaries of fortune. 

And I'm hoping to start blogging more regularly fairly soon; right now my nose is down in the process of finishing The Last President, and I've also got a new client to do a major project for, but life is creeping back toward normal as I finish the office relocation process.  (All right, when did I pack the dead squirrel?  Or was it dead when I packed it?)

Meanwhile, though, if you're in the Denver area (and even if you're not), One Night Stand Theater, which is a new-works reading group, will be doing their adaptation of a chapter from Tales of the Madman Underground this Sunday, October 7, as part of a bill that also includes work by the ever-frightening* Steve Rasnic Tem.  Details, tickets, all that.

*In a good way.  He writes some terrific horror.  Full disclosure: I'm not related to him.