Monday, May 6, 2013

A bit more about being back

Well, so, all right, first of all, I’m back.  And I might be back for a while or not, but I have been maintaining a long list of topics I’ve felt like talking about, and things I wanted to get back to, and to my pleasant surprise, there’s now a little bit of extra time to work on them.  

Consequently, a whole bunch of things that have been in mothballs and closets and on the back shelf of the fridge growing blue hair and many other metaphors for waiting are lined up to come lurching forth, and I have a bit of time in which I can let them lurch forth, so forth shall they lurch albeit talk like Yoda I shall. 

As for what I’ve been up to, well, I had a couple good-sized consulting gigs, The Last President to finish, 

and new clients to hustle, and, well, when I had spare time, I felt like reading for pleasure, staring into space, hanging with the family, and that sort of thing.  Didn’t even get a newsletter out at Christmas or for months after, o loyal subscribing fans, I apologize, but the newsletter finally did get out this past weekend, so if you subscribe (or thought you subscribed), it should have arrived for you early Saturday morning.  If it didn’t, and it’s not in the spam trap, drop me a note.  If you don't subscribe and would like to, just email and ask, it's free.

Anyway, big projects are now mostly off my desk; The Last President will come out in September, bits and pieces of my backlist are in a variety of channels and will be available soonish (including, for those who have asked, a  new ebook of Encounter with Tiber, which should be out from Open Road in a couple weeks), 
and I’m back at work on Father Lucifer, with plans to reboot that this week. 

I also have proposals out to a variety of places, and am doing a reasonably good job of filling my plate (or maybe I should say cookpots or serving bowls, since the job, ultimately, is to get things fixed up and delivered to you.)

And that’s what’s been going on over here in the hermitage.  More soon, I hope; next post should be about something or other substantive.  Or at least about science fiction, depending on how substantive you think that is.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dragging myself back out into public

Things got pretty frantic for a few months, and I'm not the most reliable guy in the world, but it looks very much like I'll be resuming blogging with some frequency.  Watch this space next week and see if that happens. 

Meanwhile, for the first time in 8 months, I've got a new issue of the free newsletter out.  If you'd like to receive it and you're not already a subscriber, drop me a note via the "send me an email" link on the sidebar.

More soonish, including a thing or two about what I've been up to.