Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Save the stats! Heavy on the SAUS!

Some of you may be aware that I blog occasionally at a couple of marketing research sites, mainly about fairly esoteric marketing research issues.  As it happens, this is of a more general interest: the abolition-in-progress (but there's still time to reverse it) of the Statistical Abstract of the United States.  Professors and reporters have already rightfully fulminated on the subject; here's my take on it from my admittedly small corner of the noosphere.

Assuming, of course, that a sphere can have a corner ...

(A P.S. side note: I turned on the "adult content" doorway that makes you say Yes, I know Mr. Barnes might use some naughty words or talk about fucking or something  mostly so I can be comfortably profane and/or obscene as I please, and those not pleased can go back to their fluffy bunnies, and do whatever unspeakable thing it is you do with those.  But it particularly pleases me that people have to go through an adult content warning to find a pointer to an article about restoring the Statistical Abstract of the United States.  Somewhere out there, there are either some seriously disappointed pervs, or some really perverted ones.