Friday, November 25, 2011

Just in case you're not getting enough of me here ....

... I also put out an irregular freebie newsletter for readers, fans, whoever wants it.  (What a relief that I did not keel over at the fourth word after the ellipsis).  I just put out another newsletter, and if you'd like to start subscribing with that issue, just click on the email-me link over in the right sidebar and drop me a note asking to be added to the list.  This issue contains a small amount of news about my life, some spiffy freebies, some brief reminders that I sell stuff, and a longish essay about series.  (Series have been much on my mind because I've started six in my career, several of them shot out from under me, and in this weird new world of surfing the revenue curve between traditional and self-publishing, I can suddenly think about continuing one or more series, so I've been talking things over with the newsletter readers as to which series ought to continue or re-start, and in what ways). The essay is only partly about my series; it's mostly about what kinds there are and what sort of artistic choices are involved.

That's a fairly typical pattern for the newsletter.  Sometimes there's more news, sometimes there's something bigger to promote commercially, and always there's a unique essay, with which I bribe people to stay on the subscription list.  The long essays in the newsletters will only appear there (as far as is in my control) so if you are a desperately crazy Barnes completist, I guess you need the newsletter and should drop me that note.