Thursday, August 27, 2015

Doing something uncharacteristic, I'll be at Bubonicon

I'm going to be attending Bubonicon, the New Mexico/Albuquerque area sf convention, this weekend. I haven't been much of a con-goer for quite a long time -- my last few were the Las Vegas SFRA in 2005, the Anaheim (2006) and Denver (2008) Worldcons (the latter somewhat under duress, as a fill-in for my agent at the time) and a very brief one afternoon visit to MileHi Con last fall. Prior to that I was fairly regular about going to the damned things but didn't like most of the ones I attended after about 1995.

Bubonicon was a shining exception, hence my giving it another shot there, in a friendly place that feels like home, to see if maybe I've grown out of con-dislike.

Anyway, I'll be there for pretty much all of Bubonicon.  My scheduled activities are:

Friday 5 PM -- Reading in Cimarron/Las Cruces.  I usually bring a mix of stuff to read and let the audience vote on which one(s) I read and how long we stay at it.

Friday 7:30 PM in Salon A-D. Panel: A Post-Scarcity World: How?

Saturday 3 PM -- Main Room (Salon E); Panel: Is Hollywood Eating SF Alive?

Saturday 5:25 PM -- Mass Autographing. 

Sunday 1 PM -- Main Room (Salon E);Writing Different Genders: Your Point of View

 Other than that, I'll probably be atthe Kaffeklatsch, whether I can spell it or not, on Saturday morning, because they are offering free food and coffee, and I will often hang out in the Hostility Suite because I generally prefer hanging with fans to hanging with writers (as to why, see Gorey's The Unstrung Harp, or Mr. Earbrass Writes A Novel); for the same reason I'll avoid the green room and the bar.

I'm there to meet and talk to fans, primarily, so if you're going to be there, come up and say hi.  In my somewhat awkward way, I'll do my best to be welcoming.   Just don't expect me to remember very much about what's in my books; they were mostly written long ago, and I have a pretty bad memory.  More than once I've been asked a question about one of my books, thought it was about someone else's book, and apologized for not being familiar with it...which was more truthful than it should have been.  But otherwise, science, art, literature, theatre, history ... the whole gallery of the universe is open to conversation.