Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Raise the Gipper! Chapter 5: See me round the bend -- now available in the continuing free version

Raise the Gipper! Temporary freedom!: Chapter 5: See me round the bend:

 We see what kind of things happen when the Power gets loose (it will get looser and do even more later.  This is what us writer types technically call foreshadowing).

For some reason this chapter happened to contain many of my favorite lines from the book (ones that made me cackle with unseemly glee when I wrote them.  These include:

“Well, of course they’re worried,” Josh said. “They’re cats, not idiots.”

"I’ve been called practically everything else in the world, in more languages than most people know exist, but this is the first time I have been accused of being a dippy white chick.”

“Where did you find construction guys swapping dirty jokes in proto-NĂºmenorean?”

More than a hundred miles out at sea, with no brains to be aware of any purpose in what they were doing, jellyfish of more than sixty species, ranging in size from armchairs to tennis balls, pointed themselves toward Tampa Bay and headed that way on their small, feeble jets of water. It would take many days for some of them, but they were all determined to get to Tampa and raise a stink, figuratively showing more brains and spines than many people with literal ones.
(Joe's goal as a right winger blogger is to sound like:) "Malkin on her meds, Coulter with compassion, and George F. Will gone wild."
The manifestations of the Power do what they want, as anyone who believed in any form of the Power could have told them.