Thursday, June 7, 2012

a brief interruption in a week of ranting to display some ego

So some of you have noticed that all of a sudden the blog is very active again; well, to let you in on the terrible secret, as I try to get things back to the pace and mix of writing that I want to do, I realized I had built up and then neglected a pretty nice audience (in both size and quality) so this is kind of Grand Re-Opening week, and I'm doing a post a day this week -- will go back to 1-2 a week next. 

Meanwhile, though, just wanted to call your attention to Anthony's extremely favorable review at of Raise the Gipper! because, frankly, it's slightly more dignified to do so here than it is to jump up and down and go squee loud enough for all of you to hear.  David Brin and Tahlia Newland have also said some very kind things that are still making me smile.  There's something about being appreciated by people who appear to understand you that is right up there with milk-and-fresh-cookies after school, your best bud slugging you on the arm and saying "That was decent, seriously," and seeing the audience struggling to their feet as you come out for your curtain call.

All right, assuming my day doesn't get made again, there will shortly be more ranting.