Friday, January 20, 2012

Newsletter is imminent.Wagons are alerted,women and children are in a circle,National Guard sent somewhere safe

My irregular newsletter always contains news of my dull life, some blatant commercial pitchery-beggary, special offers for subscribers, and a longish personal essay that I won't be publishing anywhere else.  Usually that essay is of particular interest to devoted Barnes fans or to collectors; sometimes I ask people's opinions, sometimes I fill in some details about mysteries of my career.  (I suppose that answering questions, but only for a select group, is pretty much the definition of Approachably Reclusive).

Anyway, if you've been meaning to sign up for it, click that "email me" button over to the right and let me know.  It's free and you can de-subscribe anytime.   If you're already a subscriber, it's going to be along within a day or so.  And if you're a subscriber and suddenly thinking "Oh, gawd, not another one," now's the time to let me know you'd like to be off the mailing list.