Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Father Lucifer continues ...

 In this next section of Chapter 1, we learn why Nasty John's is no place for a good Christian mommy, at least one way in which John is Nasty, and a little bit about what's eating Hal.  Hop on over to the sister blog and stay up with the story.

Father Lucifer, a novel in progress: Father Lucifer, Middle Part of Chapter 1: “So,” I said, “You need a job, and you talked to Breit. Have you ever worked at a coffee house before?” I wasn’t sure which was being more brilliant, just then, my managerial acumen or my sparkling repartee.
She winced and looked down. “Uh, no. I um—the last job I had was in high school. I guess you’re going to wonder what I was doing, you know, between?”
“This is the first interview I’ve ever done. I probably wouldn’t have thought to ask.”

If you're coming in a little late, with the story already in progress, don't disturb the other patrons, remember to remove your hat, and the actual start of the novel is here.