Monday, July 9, 2012

Raise the Gipper!: Chapter 18: The echo of that tremendous crash -- up and free till July 27

Raise the Gipper! Chapter 18: The echo of that tremendous crash:

And that's it. Very short chapter.  Really I should probably have called it an epilogue, or broken chapters differently, but the Battle at the Moose Grinder was one long continuous scene with no good place to break in the middle.

Ronald Reagan rises one more time.  The obvious affection between him and his wife was one of those reasons I found it difficult to loathe him as much as I wanted to, so I sort of finished out with that because it seemed like giving him a little bit of a fair shake.

And as for the rest of the ending: Pedantic lecture here: classic comedies end with a wedding or a promise of one, sometimes multiple ones.  Once all the grotesques and liars, lovers, and clowns have been shuttled off the nice people pair up and live happily ever after.  

Anyway,Raise the Gipper! will now be up for 18 more days, and after that, it'll continue to be on sale while Teh Interwebz stands.  The half dozen of you who were reading a chapter a day, I hope this last one gave you a good day.  And the one very nice person who asked if Joe&Aura were going to have further adventures ... well.  Not soon.  But I prefer to think of them as out there somewhere, figuring out where they're going, but knowing they have to stick together.  Rather like a certain large, fractious, awkward nation I know.