Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Raise the Gipper! Chapter 11: A rosary of pain, is up. And I'm pleasantly surprised by it

Raise the Gipper! Temporary freedom!: Chapter 11: A rosary of pain

Everything is so accelerated with this book; wrote it in two months flat for a situation that will only last a few months (in fact it changed some as I worked, and I've noticed a few inconsistencies due to that).  And because in a sort of weird way I kind of direct, design, and act my books (scenes in my novels I approach like a theatre guy, it's just how I do it) I have the same tendency that keeps actors, designers, and directors sane: I forget as soon as I'm done.  (A successful actor who remembered all his lines from all his plays, movies, and TV shows would be a very strange sort; actor memory for scripts is like a sort of longer term version of  "waitress memory" for orders).  So I had pretty much forgotten Chapter 11, and was delighted to find out that the Sabatini quote, which is from the most over the top scenery-chewing Evil Pirate in a pirate novel EVER, was at the front of what's actually a pretty lively chapter; sparks fly between Joe the Tea Partier and Aura the Occupier, Josh explains several things about the nature of the Divine that make sense to me anyway, there's quite a bit of really weird violence, and a nice out and out zombie versus evil bat-like space alien brawl.  AND the moral question about whether it would be okay to torture an evil space bat if you were already a damned soul anyway, in order to save all life on Earth, is explored in a way that I think many writers have overlooked, possibly because most of the ones who write about the fate of life on Earth don't write about zombies and evil space bats.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I was very pleased to find out how much fun it was turning out to be, especially since I could barely remember writing it (but I did, in one ferocious rush on March 24, according to my work diary.)