Saturday, March 17, 2012

Still tied up, got something nifty in the mail, and Ideas that start fiction ideas, #5.5

This may be my shortest posting ever:  Two Sekrit Projex continue to take up all my time, except for what is being taken by the open project of getting a set design done for Vintage Theatre's production of THE JOY LUCK CLUB.

Just got my first author copy of LOSERS IN SPACE, which looks very good indeed, despite containing one major technical-scientific thing which could be described as a "complete booboo."  No prizes other than eternal glory will be rewarded for finding it, and I'll post my public eating of crow on the subject around the week of release, in mid-April.

 I'll be doing a launch party/reading/capering about in egotistical glee  at my usual local haunt, Who Else? Books, on April 14, details to follow.

Since I'm getting a slow dribble of emails that I'm mostly not answering yet, mainly about that first global warming piece, I thought I'd draw your attention to this piece which rather nicely summarizes the arguments by which  I think the skeptics are mostly wrong, picking around at the edges of things aside.  (Picking around at edges is an important activity in the sciences, because that's how things get better, but it no more disproves the body of theory and evidence than, for example, the famous "bees can't fly" affair did.  It proves only that the job isn't yet perfectly done, in which life, unfortunately, resembles a science fiction novel more than it should).

More soon about the Sekrits, and eventually there will be a part 4 to the global warming series, and so forth.