Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still tied up but here's something to tide you over ...

Sometime in the next few days my Extra Double Sekrit Speshul Projekt will be done at last, and I'll resume blogging and any number of other appalling vices. Meanwhile, the Penguin People (who are  linguistically parallel neither to the Wolf Men nor to the Cow Boys) have very nicely put up an excerpt from the forthcoming Losers in Space, which I think gives a pretty good idea of what kind of book it is.

There is even a toilet in there, if you look carefully enough, so you know it's a Real Boys Book.

I am also delighted beyond measure that even though the book has a female narrator/protag, Penguin is listing it among books for boys, because, dammit, it's about adventure and responsibility and personhood and coming of age and all that stuff that appeals to men-shortly-to-be (as well as women-shortly-to-be and persons-shortly-to-be).