Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stay tuned (but avoid holding breath)

Shortly after my last post last week, chaos of an almost entirely good kind (CAEGK, which sounds like a noise a cat makes bringing up a hairball) erupted into my life.  This is rather like what some other writers refer to as a Sekrit Project, which is probably a reference to something or other that I missed along the way.  Anyway, can't talk about it yet, will be great if it happens, and won't know for a couple few weeks I think ... but I should be back on the regular job around Wednesday or Thursday, and all blogs will resume normality shortly after that, including Part III of the probably 4 parts of the global warming/carbon sequestration noodling.  Faithful correspondents, you too are remembered, but it will be a while before there's a note there, as well.